The ZOC advanced management course will take place over a 12-month period ©Getty Images

The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) has launched an advanced sport management course in an attempt to enhance the level of organisation within the country's National Federations and to contribute to a "unique learning community".

The programme aims to allow executive level volunteers and paid staff in Olympic sport bodies to expand their managerial skills by presenting case studies and sharing experiences.

It is made up of six modules - organising an Olympic sports organisation, managing human resources, managing finance, managing marketing, and organising a major sporting event.

The course will be conducted over a 12-month period in six two-day long and one three-day online sessions.

There are 15 days scheduled for in person work involving presentations and discussions of each chapter.

Those enrolled in the course will pay USD250 (£221/€253), with it starting in February next year.

The advanced sport management course aims to develop Zimbabwe's Olympic sports organisation ©ZOC
The advanced sport management course aims to develop Zimbabwe's Olympic sports organisation ©ZOC

"Managing Olympic sport organisations, developed in cooperation with MEMOS (Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management), provides the primary content for the learning experience and is the framework for delivery of the courses," read a ZOC statement.

"The material presented is taken from Olympic sport organisations throughout the world and represents a balance of sport management theory and practical examples, providing a rich and extensive database of applied material.

"By using this book in the Advanced Sport Management courses, participants should be able to identify what is and is not appropriate for their organisations and learn how to specifically apply the information to improve their organisations."

Upon completing the course, participants will receive an advanced diploma in the management of Olympic sports organisations which is certified by the International Olympic Committee.