Organisers claim that the Olympic visa "will make it easier to obtain access to the Games" ©Getty Images

The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has said here it is "working hand-in-hand with the French state" on the introduction of an Olympic visa and creation of an Olympic Consulate early next year.

Paris 2024 director of international relations Sophie Lorant led a presentation providing an update to National Olympic Committees (NOC) at the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) General Assembly in Seoul.

NOCs were informed about key deadlines for accommodation, ticketing and hospitality packages, and told that they must sign a code of conduct to access online portals to register for tickets.

Mascots for the Games are also due to be unveiled "in a few weeks' time", and construction on the Olympic Village is "on time", according to organisers.

Paris 2024 received two questions from NOCs with regards to entering France for the purposes of the Games.

The Congolese National Olympic and Sports Committee delegation asked if there are plans to introduce a simplified visa process, and how athletes from Africa can participate in Games "without any worries".

Lorant provided assurance that an Olympic visa would be created with the purpose of enabling easier entry to the country.

Sophie Lorant said an Olympic Consulate would be created early in 2023 ©ANOC/YouTube
Sophie Lorant said an Olympic Consulate would be created early in 2023 ©ANOC/YouTube

"Regarding the visas, we are working hand-in-hand with the French state to introduce an Olympic visa, and that will make it easier to obtain access to the Games," she said.

"All this will of course have to be done upstream of the Games, and we will guarantee a system of obtaining visas easily.

"These Consulates which will be dealing with this will start operating at the beginning of 2023, so this will facilitate the procedure."

She then confirmed to the Sudan Olympic Committee that Chefs de Mission would be granted long-term visas to assist with their work.

"Any person applying for visa for the Chef de Mission, we will make sure that this will be a long-term visa," Lorant said.

"This will be done through our new Olympic Consulate that is going to be put in place early next year."

ANOC President Robin Mitchell said that the response was "reassuring" for NOCs.

Paris is due to host the Olympics for the third time from July 26 to August 11 2024, followed by the Paralympics from August 28 to September 8.