More than a million people signed a petition in favour of the Chungcheong 2027 bid  ©Chungcheong 2027

Chungcheong Megacity Bid Committee (CMBC) secretary general Kim Yoon-suk has insisted that legacy goals form a key part of its ambitions to stage the 2027 World University Games.

South Korea is hoping to stage the International University Sports Federation (FISU) event for the third time, following on from Daegu 2003 and Gwangju 2015 when it was held under the Universiade title.

It has also staged the winter edition of the event in 1997 in Muju-Jeonju.

Kim served as vice-chair and secretary general of the Organising Committee for Gwangju 2015, and believes that the delivery of the event offered an example of how the country could stage the multi-sport event.

"The 2015 Gwangju Games was very successful," Kim told insidethegames.

"Lots of volunteers, citizens and Board members experienced the Games.

"Korea has held the Universiade three times - two times the Summer, and once the Winter.

"I think that Korea has contributed to the FISU Universiade."

The country has also staged recent editions of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018, and the International Swimming Federation World Championships in Gwangju one year later.

Kim believes that it can benefit from "lots of experienced staff members for the Universiade and international sports events".

Chungcheong is rivalling North Carolina for the 2027 FISU World University Games ©FISU
Chungcheong is rivalling North Carolina for the 2027 FISU World University Games ©FISU

Chungcheong brings together the Daejeon, Sejong, Chungbuk and Chungnam local authorities, and key legacy proposals of the Chungcheong 2027 bid include hard infrastructures such as residence villages and sports facilities for citizens.

It is also hoped that the World University Games can incorporate new technologies, with the CMBC vowing to work together with FISU on research and development in university sport.

"I think international sports Games have to leave a legacy," Kim said.

Gwangju 2015 is credited as a low-cost edition of the Universiade, and featured support from "famous Korean companies" including Samsung and Kia.

Kim expressed hope that "the Chungcheong Games may be similar to the Gwangju Games".

"We financially have no problems," he said, referencing South Korean Government financial support amounting to €440 million (£384 million/$433 million), of which €236 million (£206 million/$232 million) is expected to be spent on operational costs and €204 million (£178 million/$201 million) on renovating facilities for university sport.

Kim believes that a particular strength of the CMBC's project is South Korea's visa waiver programme, which would ensure "very easy" for participants.

This he describes as a "special point".

Chungcheong is facing competition from North Carolina in the United States.

The 2027 FISU World University Games host is set to be selected at an Executive Committee meeting in Brussels on November 12.

FISU's Evaluation Committee has visited both candidates, and Acting President Leonz Eder has praised the two bids.