Double Paralympic gold medallist Martina Caironi, second from left, and triple Olympic Alpine skiing champion Deborah Compagnoni, second from right, helped celebrate the sponsorship deal ©Milan Cortina 2026

Organisers of the Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics have signed a four-year deal with Deloitte Italia which will carry them through to the Games.

"Deloitte will support us in tackling this wonderful adventure, the largest event that our country will host in the coming years, which will generate a significant positive impact on the entire area," Milan Cortina 2026 President Giovanni Malagò said. 

"It is a great joy to welcome Deloitte Italia into the family of the Organising Committee.

"The profound experience of Deloitte's professionals in the management and services of business consultancy will make it possible to develop strategic, innovative and technologically advanced solutions, a model in response to the great challenges of our time." 

The deal is part of an "Impact for Italy" campaign launched by Deloitte Italia.

"We must start from here to strengthen, enhance and create a positive impact on society thanks to the Olympic and Paralympic Movement," said Deloitte Italia chief executive Fabio Pompei.

"We have chosen to put our skills at the service of a complex project, which embodies those universal values that today more than ever we need - excellence, friendship and respect," he added.

It is the second major sponsorship agreement signed by Milan Cortina 2026 in the last week and follows the International Olympic Committee's own sponsorship deal with Deloitte's parent company which is set to run until the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.