The PoliNations Garden, part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival, opened today ©Unboxed 2022

The Birmingham 2022 Festival has entered its final month following the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games, with a series of cultural events taking place in the English city.

The Festival began in March, and more than 200 events are due to have been held by the time it reaches its conclusion at the end of September.

Ongoing events include transforming Victoria Square in the city centre into what is described as a "biodiverse paradise of colour, beauty and nature", with a free programme of poetry and live music on offer until September 18.

The PoliNations Garden, consisting of five 40-foot trees and more than 6,000 plants and flowers opened today, and was hailed by Trigger's creative director Angie Bual.

"PoliNations opened today as a festival celebrating cultural diversity, individuality, and self-expression," Bual said.

"The vibrancy of the PoliNations programme and the abundance of the super garden is the result of collaborations with members of many diverse communities - becoming a living symbol for the beauty and intriguing stories of migration across the UK [United Kingdom].

"Trigger Collective is thrilled to see the festival open to everyone, at no cost, and engage new audiences in conversation on why the UK is multicultural."

Centenary Square is set to remain as the home for Birmingham's Raging Bull until the end of September ©Getty Images
Centenary Square is set to remain as the home for Birmingham's Raging Bull until the end of September ©Getty Images

The time travel tram is available on the West Midlands Metro until October, with users able to scan a QR code to discover key people and places that helped shaped Birmingham and the Black Country area.

The queer accessible sober social dance parties and silent discos featuring as part of the Mobilise project will continue to be available until the start of Birmingham's Pride Festival on September 24.

The premiere of Rambert's dance theatre event Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby from September 27 to October 2 at the Birmingham Hippodrome is set to conclude the Festival.

In addition, the popular Raging Bull first seen at the Opening Ceremony of Birmingham 2022 on July 28 is set to remain in Centenary Square until the end of the current month.