Lars Brönnimann is set to succeed Christian Flury later this year ©Swiss-Ski

Swiss-Ski has appointed Lars Brönnimann as its new head of cross-country skiing, succeeding Christian Flury.

Brönnimann has five years of experience working for FIS Marketing AG, a joint venture between the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) and marketing partners Tridem Sports and Infront Sports and Media.

There, Brönnimann worked as the project manager for cross-country skiing between 2014 and 2016 when he held overall responsibility for marketing rights for the Cross-Country World Cups.

The former orienteerer has been the coordinator of talent classes across Chur since 2016, supporting young athletes as they make their way in competitive sport.

Brönnimann is currently working to completing a sports management qualification at Graubünden University of Applied Sciences.

"As a graduate sports scientist with his professional experience at FIS Marketing AG and as a former competitive athlete, Lars Brönnimann brings many important skills to our cross-country team," Bernhard Aregger, Swiss-Ski's chief executive and interim Nordic director, said.

Lars Brönnimann will in charge of cross-country skiing in Switzerland ©Getty Images
Lars Brönnimann will in charge of cross-country skiing in Switzerland ©Getty Images

"In addition, through his work with young athletes, he brings in new impulses from various sports.

"We are convinced that these strengths and experiences in combination with the great know-how of the Nordic director Guri Knotten will come to fruition.

"I am pleased that we have laid the foundation for future sporting success with this new appointment."

Knotten, formerly Switzerland's head cross-country coach from 2010 to 2014, is due to take over as Nordic director at the start of September.