The logo for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest has been unveiled ©World Athletics Championships Budapest 23

The logo for the 2023 World Athletics Championships has been revealed to mark a year until the competition is due to get underway at Budapest in Hungary.

The capital’s Liberty Statue was selected as the main focus of the brand, with it said to symbolise victory and heroism.

It also claims to represent athletes who achieve "superhuman results" in track, field and on the road.

A video featuring the Danube River and Liberty Statue was published to unveil the logo.

"The Hungarians were delighted to take the baton from Oregon, while the competition calendar in athletics is truly busy with thrilling events," said Miklós Gyulai, the President of the Hungarian Athletic Association.

"This is important not only from the aspect of sport but its significant impact on future generations.

"The seeds of moving must be planted at a very young age.

"And what could be more suitable sport than athletics, which is not only the most popular sport at the Olympic Games but also the basic of all kind of movements."

Hungary have hosted every age-group and adult World Championships in recent years, except for the upcoming outdoor version.

The National Athletics Centre, which is currently under construction, is due to be the centre-point of the competition that is planned to be held between August 19 and 27.

Marathon and walking races are scheduled to be staged in the city centre and along the Danube.

On the second day of the competition, athletes and visitors are expected to have the opportunity to take part in the country’s State Foundation Day, which celebrates the foundation of the Hungarian state.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe expressed his anticipation for holding the World Outdoor Championships in Central Europe for the first time.

"Hungary has a very rich sporting history and has shown itself to be an outstanding host of major sports events, including athletics competitions, and Budapest is a stunning city that will provide the perfect backdrop for the world’s best athletes," he said.

"The Local Organising Committee hopes to organise the best World Championships ever and I applaud their ambition.

"We should always try to raise the bar higher at our premier event, just as our athletes do."