IWGA President José Perurena, right, signing MoUs with National Federations ©World Games

The International World Games Association (IWGA) has signed four Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with National Federations to create mutual cooperation in developing the event.

Sport Austria, Ayelet (the Federation of Non-Olympic Sport in Israel), the Japan World Games Association and the Latvian Sports Federation Council all made agreements with the IWGA.

IWGA chief executive Joachim Gossow and head of projects Guillaume Felli held talks with national organisations and National Olympic Committees too, including representatives from China, South Korea, France, Mexico, The Netherlands and Colombia.

This all took place during the Birmingham 2022 World Games, which ended last month in Alabama.

The talks took place at the Birmingham 2022 World Games last month ©World Games
The talks took place at the Birmingham 2022 World Games last month ©World Games

"The national sport federations support us increasingly, and meanwhile are themselves a fruitful connection with us," said Felli. 

"This cooperation with the National Federations is of importance to us, in order to make our event known in the individual countries. 

"The main focus is that the athletes get the recognition they deserve in their home countries. 

"Here in Birmingham, we have made decisive progress in this direction."

Areas where closer cooperation could be explored include communication, promotion of sports, marketing and broadcasting.