The World Taekwondo member in Norway has a new leader ©Getty Images

Øyvind Andreassen has been elected President of the Norwegian Martial Arts Association (NKF).

The 73-year-old, who belongs to Bergen Karate Club, succeeds Tore Bigseth as leader of the national governing body.

Bigseth has instead been elected to the role of second vice-president, with Line Gulbrandsen first vice-president.

The new 12-person NKF Board is completed by Mina Stubban Berg, Erling Svanberg Mytting, Janikke Berger, Geir Olav Jensen, Håkon Erikson, Per Christian Garnæs, Maria Erenskjold and deputies Geir Arne Havreberg and Karine Tofsland.

The NKF manages taekwondo, karate, ju-jitsu and taekwon-do in Norway, as well as having a multi-sport division for wushu, kendo, aikido and others.

It is a World Taekwondo member, plus a Ju-Jitsu International Federation member, but is no longer the World Karate Federation (WKF) member in Norway.

Instead the Norwegian Karate Association - led by Kjell Sivertsen - is the WKF's representative in Norway.