Germany topped the medals table at the World Games ©The World Games 2022

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has praised its athletes for helping the nation top the medals table at the Birmingham 2022 World Games.

Germany won a total of 24 gold, seven silver and 16 bronze medals at the 11th edition of the Games in Alabama.

The only time Germany has had a better performance at the event is at the 1993 World Games in The Hague and the two home Games - Karlsruhe 1989 and Duisburg 2005.

"Team D showed itself from its best side at the World Games in Birmingham - both during and outside of the competitions," DOSB vice-president and head of delegation, Oliver Stegemann, said.

"We supported and cheered each other on, celebrated victories together and dealt with defeats as a team.

"The fact that medals were won in 16 different sports impressively underlines the diversity and quality of competitive sports in Germany.

"We can all be proud of that and take a lot of good things with us for the future."

Beach handball athlete Lucie-Marie Kretzschmar was among the flag bearers with ju-jitsu star Jaschar Salmanow at the Opening Ceremony in Birmingham.

"I never expected to be able to lead the German team with the flag," Kretzschmar said.

"That is a huge dream for every athlete, which has come true for me.

"Team D was by far the most closely knit team at the World Games, I think.

"You felt like you were part of a really big team.

"That was definitely one of the reasons why we ended up at the top of the medal table. "