The AIBxC is one of the world's leading baseball for the blind organisations ©AIBxC

Alberto Mazzanti has been returned as Italian Blind Baseball Association (AIBxC) President.

Mazzanti has led the AIBxC since 2011 and now has another three-year mandate.

Franca Vanna Bruzzi, Lorenza Guerra Seràgnoli, Alberto Mazzanti, Giorgio Napoli, Isabella Seràgnoli, Alfonso Somma and Valeria Turolla retained their places on the AIBxC Board at the General Assembly in Bologna.

Stefano Malaguti and Eva Trevisan were voted onto the Board as new members, taking places vacated by Giovanni Lercker and Lorenzo Vinassa De Regny.

Trevisan was subsequently elected vice-president by the Board, while Bruzzi was appointed secretary and treasurer of the national governing body.

The AIBxC is an associate WBSC member ©WBSC
The AIBxC is an associate WBSC member ©WBSC

Francesca Buscaroli was elected auditor.

The AIBxC, founded in 1994, is one of the world's foremost baseball for the blind organisations.

It holds associate World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) membership and has collaborated with the global body on efforts to grow baseball for the blind, including designing an introductory course for the WBSC Academy.