Titus Mutwiri, left, and Francis Njeru Karugu are set to work together to develop Baseball5 in Kenya ©WBSC

Baseball Kenya and Softball Kenya have joined forces to develop the country's national Baseball5 teams.

The senior team will be overseen by the softball body while the national baseball organisation is to be responsible for the youth squads.

"When the WBSC introduced Baseball5, we thought there could be a problem selecting national teams since the two federations operate separately," said Francis Njeru Karugu, Softball Kenya President.

"Together with the baseball federation, we agreed to form a commission."

The split strategy was devised as Njeru claims that softball has more visibility and popularity at university level, while baseball is stronger among younger people and in the community.

"I couldn't see a clear directive on handling Baseball5 in countries like Kenya, where the baseball and softball federations are separated," added Baseball Kenya President Titus Mutwiri.

"We sat down with the softball federation and agreed on the need [to establish a joint] commission.

"The beauty of Baseball5 is that it's not expensive and doesn't require a lot of space or equipment."

Mutwiri is working with the Government to make the urban-friendly version of the sport an extra-curricular activity in schools.

"The Ministry of Sport encourages the development of Baseball5, but for now, I couldn't get a full commitment," he said.

"If Baseball5 got into school programmes, the growth would be immense."

Currently 20 out of Kenya's 47 counties play baseball and despite Mutwiri predicting "a massive growth in the game" he addressed that there are obstacles to the sport's success in the country.

Most games are played on converted football fields without proper equipment, according to the Baseball Kenya President, who added the organisation relies on the World Baseball Softball Confederation and American Embassy to develop the game. 

Baseball5 is a pitcher-free discipline which requires only a rubber ball to play and no bat, so is designed to bring baseball to previously inaccessible areas.

Any playing surface can be used and hitting is done by hand.

It is on the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games programme, as well as that of the 2023 African Beach Games in Tunisia.