Athletes attended the Guam Clean Sport Education Session to learn about anti-doping violations ©Guam NOC

The Guam National Olympic Committee (GNOC) stepped up its efforts to rid drugs from sport by inviting athletes to attend an anti-doping programme.

The session was delivered by the Guam National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO) and aimed to promote clean sport in the territory.

Athletes were warned by the GNOC that they were required to attend the programme, entitled the "Guam Clean Sport Education Session", to enable them to compete in the Pacific Mini Games, scheduled to be held from June 17 to 26 in the Northern Marianas.

Luis Cruz, chairman of GNOC’s Medical and Anti-Doping Commission, Arania Adolphson, Guam NADO's representative to the Oceania Regional Anti-Doping Organization, and Joey Miranda III, lead doping control officer for Guam NADO, spoke to athletes at the session.

The GNOC said the programme saw athletes gain an understanding of anti-doping rule violations, the rights, responsibilities and consequences of an athlete, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) prohibited list, therapeutic use exemptions and the doping control process.

A variety of group activities were organised including a session on searching for the status of specific medications on a mobile phones.

"The education program is part of the informative outreach to athletes and support personnel on ensuring clean sport," a statement from the GNOC read.

Athletes were also encouraged to take part in WADA’s Play True Day for Peace on April 8.

Play True Day has been a WADA campaign since 2014, a day that is traditionally dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of clean sport among athletes and the public.