WADA President Witold Bańka delivered a welcome message at the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival's "Towards the Future and Clean Sport" workshop ©Getty Images

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President Witold Bańka and International Testing Agency (ITA) director Benjamin Cohen spoke at the United Through Sports (UTS) World Virtual Youth Festival today as a further two workshops were held prior to tomorrow's official Launch Ceremony.

The seven-day event, hosted by the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh by taking place in hybrid form, features a series of workshops which began yesterday.

Bańka of Poland and Cohen of Switzerland delivered a welcome message for the "Towards the Future and Clean Sport" workshop, which opened today.

Ariadna Camargo and Eva Erfle, respectively the digital learning coordinator and education consultant at WADA, and the ITA's educational manager Olya Abasolo featured at the workshop, which was the fourth to be held at the UTS World Virtual Youth Festival.

Professor Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work in microcredit, and past and present members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Panasonic Young Leaders scheme earlier in the day opened a workshop entitled "IOC Young Leaders: Building a Better World through Sport".

Two former and two current members of the Programme in Rohith Maradapa, Jemima Montag, Jessie Niles and Mayssa Bsaibes were among the participants at the workshop.

The UTS World Virtual Youth Festival aims to increase youth participation in sport, with more than 100 organisations taking part.

A busy day is scheduled tomorrow, with the Olympic Channel to broadcast the official Launch Ceremony at 7pm local time in Saudi Arabia.

Five competitions are featuring at the festival, with the final 16 in the max fit and aero fit to be announced in the morning, following the official draw today.

A total of 65 sports are included in the competition.

Judging has begun for the talent competition, which has proved the most popular, and an announcement on the final 400 competitors will be made shortly.

The International Paralympic Committee Inclusive Challenge finals are also edging closer.