Co-chair of TWG 2022 Noah Galloway, a former US Army sergeant, said he was confident the Birmingham 2022 World Games would do "good for the community" ©Getty Images

The World Games 2022 (TWG 2022) has announced a series of strategies, with the goal of making next year’s event in Birmingham in the United States the most inclusive and accessible ever.

Organisers have announced the strategies in partnership with the Lakeshore Foundation and Drummond Company.

The Lakeshore Foundation is a Birmingham-based non-profit organisation designed to support individuals with disabilities through physical activity, while its base on Ridgeway Drive in the city serves as an Olympic and Paralympic training site.

The Drummond Company Inc, which specialises in global coal production, was earlier this year named as a presenting sponsor of the TWG 2022 disability inclusion initiative.

It is hoped the partnerships will help towards the target of making TWG 2022 as inclusive and accessible as possible, as part of an initiative entitled A Journey to One World, One Games.

Four strategies have been announced as part of the initiative, with the first of these establishing a diverse and representative steering committee for TWG 2022.

On this strategy, vice-president of community engagement at TWG 2022 Kathy Boswell said: "Inclusivity is making sure you have people at the table who it matters to.

"If you don’t have a person at the table, it is often not something that is thought about."

The second strategy centres around creating an inclusive and accessible experience for athletes.

To help towards this, organisers plan to highlight businesses that prioritise inclusion, as part of creating a so-called accessible athlete experience.

The third part of the strategy focuses on enhancing accessibility and inclusion for fans, through ensuring plenty of accessible seating and highlighting transportation options.

On this strategy, chief of development and strategic partnerships at Lakeshore Foundation Amy Rauworth said: "By showcasing this as an initiative, even small business owners will understand that the more universal you can be, the more customers you can provide service to.

"The disabled community values that, and they bring along their family and their friends. 

"That’s something really important our whole community will learn from."

The final part of the strategy focuses on developing a training and education programme for staff, volunteers and partners.

Co-chair of TWG 2022 Noah Galloway, a former US Army sergeant who lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee after being injured while serving in Iraq, said: "I know what The World Games represents; I know what it can do for Birmingham and the state of Alabama.

"It’s good for the community, the athletes, all of us. In 2022, it’s a new generation of sports."