A new shuttlecock for AirBadminton has been developed ©BWF

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has announced that a new shuttlecock for the outdoor version of the sport will soon be on the market.

Manufacturing partners have teamed up with the world governing body to create a more durable version of AirShuttle, which is used for AirBadminton competitions.

A neon colour scheme has also been introduced to increase the visibility of the shuttlecock, known as AirShuttle 2.0, when playing outdoors.

It comes as the BWF plans to host AirBadminton pilot competitions next year.

"The long-term objective is to create a new badminton experience for participants and spectators at AirBadminton competitions and for it to be added to the sport programme at multi-sport beach games," the BWF said.

It is hoped that AirBadminton will create opportunities for people of all ages and ability to play the sport on all surfaces around the world. 

AirShuttles have increased resistance to the wind to allow for playing outside.

The AirBadminton concept was launched in Chinese city Guangzhou in May 2019, with BWF President Poul-Erik Høyer describing the occasion as a "momentous" one for the sport.

Banking giant and BWF sponsor HSBC is also supporting AirBadminton.