Tokyo 2020 will hold a second ticket lottery in Japan ©Tokyo 2020

The second Japanese lottery for Tokyo 2020 Olympic tickets will be held between August 8 and 22, it has been reported.

Organisers announced the additional selling phase earlier this month to provide a second chance for those in the host nation who were disappointed first time around.

Kyodo News has now said that the dates next month have been agreed, citing a source close to the Games.

Only those unsuccessful during the first lottery, held between May 9 and 28, will be able to apply this time.

More than 600,000 tickets will be available, Kyodo News said, and will largely be for first round and qualifying competitions in a number of sports.

Applicants can only apply for one session of a competition in a bid to "maintain fairness".

The additional lottery has been introduced after the overwhelming rush for tickets.

More than 3.2 million were sold in the first phase but more than 7.5 million Japanese entered the ballot so a huge number of people missed out.

The official ticketing website was visited more than 24,250,000 times in May as a result of the huge demand, with traffic overwhelming the system and the application phase being extended by 12 hours.

The initial lottery in May witnessed overwhelming demand ©Tokyo 2020
The initial lottery in May witnessed overwhelming demand ©Tokyo 2020

There is the possibility of a third lottery taking place later this year.

Tokyo 2020 initially estimated that 7.8 million tickets would be made available for the Olympic Games but it is thought the figure could rise to nine million, according to the Japan Times.

Residents of Japan will still be able to request tickets during the first-come, first-served phase due to begin in the autumn. 

The final ticket sales phase is scheduled to start in the spring of 2020, offering first-come, first-served sales for fans inside and outside of Japan. 

Details are set to be announced at a later date.

People living outside of Japan can first purchase tickets through authorised ticket resellers in their home countries, with that process beginning last month.