The European Games Torch went to Mogilev ©Minsk 2019

With only three weeks until the European Games open in Minsk, the Flame has reached Shklov where it has been carried by another Belarusian sporting hero. 

Canoeist Aleksandr Maseikov won Canadian doubles gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, competing as part of the unified team.

Blue skies and temperatures in the mid-20s greeted the Flame, but it also headed indoors to an ice arena where it was greeted by a junior ice hockey team and a crowd of enthusiastic youngsters. 

The Torch was carried on the rink by Yunost Hockey Club director Dmitri Baskov.

“This is the Flame of warmth that can warm up and light up people's hearts for new achievements and sports records,” said Shklov District Executive Committee vice-chairman Sergei Artamonov.

Maria Vasilevich, Miss Belarus in 2018 and a Minsk 2019 ambassador, took the Torch at the Trofimov Well and Spring.

The Relay also visited Alexandria where it called in at Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s old school.

In Mogilev, Torchbearers included Yekaterina Ivanchova, lead singer of indie band ’Iowa’.

"We are all becoming part of history," said Ivanchova before passing the Flame to artist Viktor Olshevsky.

"I am overwhelmed with pride.

"I will follow the Games closely because this is an exciting and unforgettable event for the country."

The Flame also visited the zoo, travelled to the harbour by steam train and was taken by horse-drawn carriage to the appropriately-named Stargazer Square.

"It is a very exciting moment for the city," said Mogilev Mayor Vladimir Tsumarev.

"The Flame will only be here for one day, but the route has been planned to show the best of the city and its history."

The Torch spent time at Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, a large conservation area in Belarus.

During the visit, Torchbearer Yevgeny Shevchenko encountered 'Bolotnik' a figure of legend said to be the 'spirit of the wetlands'."

"It was great honour for us to carry the Flame around the Reserve," said Reserve director Andrei Prokoshin.

"Lesik the mascot was a big attraction for locals and tourists and this event will help us with further development."