Snowsport Scotland held four roadshows around the country ©Snowsport Scotland ©Snowsport Scotland

Four roadshow events have been held in Scotland with the aim of encouraging people to get involved in snowsports.

National governing body Snowsport Scotland visited Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aviemore to deliver presentations and issue advice.

This included guidance on how to enter competitive snowports, alongside discussion on training programmes, academy opportunities and the prospects for would-be coaches and instructors.

The roadshows were open to all potential enthusiasts of snowsports.

Iain Ramsay Clapham, development manager at Snowsport Scotland, said: “The Pathway Roadshows presents a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together from the community and help them to engage in a sport that is not only great fun - but can also be done as part of a healthy lifestyle too.

"We are passionate about offering people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to get involved with a sport that they may have once thought was beyond their reach.

“Whether people want to take up the sport as a hobby, or indeed want to take it a step further and enjoy the sport at a competitor level, we can provide full technical advice and support on the next steps to become part of a challenging and extremely exciting sport.”

The roadshows were open to athletes of all abilities
The roadshows were open to athletes of all abilities ©Snowsport Scotland

The governing body has developed pathways in five snowsports disciplines, Alpine, cross-country, park and pipe, freeride and ski and board cross.

Ross Gardner, Snowsport Scotland Performance Manger, added: “We would like to thank everyone who attended the events.

"There were a lot of questions asked at each event - which was great - as it really demonstrated that there is a high level of interest for people to become more involved in the sport.

“The community really appreciated the level of information they received about our pathways.

"We will now actively work to ensure that everyone who attended each event will be contacted to see if they need any further information.

"Following on from the success of these Pathways roadshows, we are now very much looking forward to hosting our next series later in the year.”