The future of SportAccord will be the main topic at this year's International Forum in Lausanne ©SportAccord

SportAccord will host its ninth annual International Federation Forum in November where it is expected they will hold an Emergency General Assembly following the resignation of Marius Vizer as President in May.

Vizer stood down after several Federations suspended their membership of SportAccord following his criticism of the International Olympic Committee and its President Thomas Bach at the opening of the SportAccord Convention World Sport & Business Summit in Sochi in April. 

Gian Franco Kapser, President of the International Ski Federation and the Association of International Olympic Winter Federations, is currently serving as the ad-hoc interim chairman of the SportAccord Council but claims he does not want to become President of the organisation on a permanent basis. 

Francesco Ricci Bitti, head of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), has been installed as the new President of SportAccord Convention, a position Vizer also stood down from.  

The Italian would be the leading contender to replace Vizer, especially as he is due to retire in September as President of the International Tennis Federation after 16 years in the role. 

This year's SportAccord International Federations Forum will be held at the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne
This year's SportAccord International Federations Forum will be held at the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne ©Royal Savoy Hotel

High on the agenda of an Emergency General Assembly would be the future role of SportAccord, especially as a "new entity" is planned. 

Most of SportAccord's activities appear to have abruptly stopped with the departure of Vizer.

Its website, for example, has not been updated since June 20. 

The IF Forum, a chance for the Olympic and non-Olympic Federations to gather together, is due to take place at the recently renovated Royal Savoy Hotel on November 11 until 13. 

This year's three-day event is due to consist of workshops, panel sessions and case studies with a focus on sharing best practices.

"The International Federation Forum has always provided an ideal opportunity for Olympic and non-Olympic International Sport Federations to meet and share ideas for the betterment of sport," said Ricci Bitti.

"I am excited to engage with the International Federations to capture the importance of the IF Forum and to develop a programme with them that truly represents their needs."

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