By Duncan Mackay

IBSA are looking for hosts for the 2016 Goalball European Group B Championships ©Getty ImagesHost countries are being sought for the 2016 International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) Goalball European Championships Group B for both men and women. 

The IBSA have said that preference will be given to countries who are due to compete in Group B. 

The eligible nations in the men's tournament are Israel, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Britain, Russia and Portugal.

Hungary, Belgium and Britain have so far qualified for the women's event. 

But a country that has not qualified will still be considered if they are interested. 

Countries can apply to host the Championships for men and women or only for men or for women. 

The proposed date for the Championships is any time between April 1 and November 31. 

Interested countries have until April 30 to put forward their application with the host countries being chosen no later than July 31. 
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