By Nick Butler

The competitive acheivements of English boxers could be impeded by the recent divisions in the ABAEOctober 2 - A structural row engulfing the Amateur Boxing Associations of England (ABAE) has worsened today with the release of a statement by representatives from nine of the 12 regional associations expressing their disapproval of recent Board decisions.

The document, entitled "The Way Forward", claims that it wishes "to clarify the confusion and consternation" caused by the now resigned chairman of ABAE Richard Caborn, as well as chief executive Mark Abberley, when they announced a new ABAE Board last month.

The statement described the new Board as "contrary to the Articles of Association governing ABAE" before criticising the lack of consultation with the board during ABAE negotiations with Sport England over funding.

The desire and establishment of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to decide on "the way forward" is then outlined - with the EGM due to be held on Saturday (October 5) at the Sheffield Ice Rink.

This marks the latest twist in an increasingly hostile dispute which saw the resignation of Caborn last month after he announced the proposed new Board which would result in the removal of many of those involved in today's statement.

Richard Caborn in happier days before his resignation as ABAE PresidentRichard Caborn in happier times before his resignation as ABAE chairman

The statement has also already been strongly refuted by the ABAE.

A spokesperson told insidethegames that "it is very disappointing that a small group of people are attempting to disrupt the process of modernisation and prevent the changes that have been agreed by both the Board and the membership of the ABAE and are supported by both Sport England and the international governing body, AIBA.

"Any attempt to block the changes would be wholly undemocratic and could result in the loss of public funding which would have serious consequences for the grassroots of the sport.

"The proposed EGM has no constitutional grounds or authority to make any changes to the new board of the ABAE."

"Any further efforts to disrupt the modernisation process will merely serve to harm the sport and have a potentially catastrophic impact on thousands of people and clubs that work in grassroots boxing."

The meeting on Saturday is unlikely to resolve the situation as EGM's can legally be initiated for only a single reason with the discussion therein limited to that single reason, it is claimed.

So because the EGM was initiated to discuss the removal of Richard Caborn and he has now resigned, then nothing else can allegedly be decided upon.

Times have changed since the halycon boxing days of London 2012 where Anthony Joshua was one of three Englishman to win gold medals as part of the Great Britain team... Joshua has now departed for the professional ranksTimes have changed since the halycon days of London 2012 where Anthony Joshua was one of three Englishman to win gold medals as part of the Great Britain team

Today's development is the latest stage in a dispute which has been escalating since June when a special resolution to update the ABAE Board was passed.

If the situation is not resolved this could lead to another intervention from Sport England and the suspension of £5 million ($8 million/€6 million) of funding which could indeed have implications at all levels of the sport.