By Duncan Mackay

Asian Squash ChampionshipsMay 23 - Pakistan is hoping to be awarded the 2015 Squash World Cup despite fears about safety in the country. 

The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) were nominated to host the event by the Asian Squash Federation (ASF), having recently successfully held the Asian Championships without incident and which was won by the home country's Aamir Atlas Khan. 

International sports teams have been fearful of travelling to Pakistan since 2009 when the Sri Lankan cricket team were attacked by 12 gunmen in Lahore, which left six policemen guarding them dead and seven players injured.

Since then no Test cricket playing country has visited Pakistan and the country's team plays its home matches at neutral venues. 

"It's a big achievement for us," said PSF senior vice-president Razi Nawab, who is also the vice-president of the ASF.

"Our efforts are bearing fruit.

"This is a good sign because Pakistan has already suffered a lot during the last few years.

"I would like to sincerely thank the Asian Squash Federation for giving us the honour.
"I'm delighted we've been given an opportunity to organise an event of this magnitude.

"We're fully capable of ensuring a flawless event."

Sri Lanka cricket team attacked Pakistan 2009.cmsInternational teams have been reluctant to travel to compete in Pakistan since the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket squad in Lahore in 2009

Pakistan was chosen ahead of Jordan, who were instead awarded the Junior World Cup.

The decision, however, still has to be officially rubber-stamped by the World Squash Federation.

"If there is no representation from Pakistan, it will be almost impossible for us to get the ASF recommendation for the World Cup," said Nawaz.

"But now the ASF will write to World Squash Federation regarding the nomination and hopefully, the things will be sorted out amicably."

Hong Kong's David Mui, President of the ASF, visited Pakistan during the Asian Championships and claimed that it safe to hold major events there.

"The PSF has been able to show the world that Pakistan is a safe country and can play a leading role in the promotion of sports by arranging such international tournaments on regular basis," he said.

"The PSF has been striving hard to open up a new chapter of squash revival in the country. Pakistan remained unchallenged ruler of squash for decades.

"It is hoped that the successful conduct of Squash World Cup here will help in reviving international sports here especially the game of squash.

"The mega event is likely to attract players from across the globe to compete for the coveted trophy and also help in bringing back the lost glories of Pakistan."

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