With the Olympic and Paralympic Family descending upon London for the annual SportAccord International Convention 2011, Olympic Games fever is really starting to hot up in anticipation of the next Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games being held in London.

One area of the Olympics often ignored by Olympic and Paralympics news publications is the biggest spectator sport of all – collecting! Millions of people across the world collect pin badges, stamps, die cast vehicles, stickers, coins and general memorabilia. In some Olympic circles, pin badge exchange is more important than business card exchange!

In recognition of this, your favourite and No.1 Olympic news website in the world insidethegames, has launched its very own collecting page: www.insidegamescollecting.biz.

Initially focussing on pin badge collecting for London 2012, we have teamed up with Paul McGill, a London 2012 pin badge expert and enthusiast, to bring you, what we believe is, one of the very best pin badge catalogues for London 2012. As you would expect from insidethegames, meticulous detail, research and quality has gone into creating this brilliant new page.

We have also launched a collecting forum where you can ask questions, talk about collecting, or maybe locate that elusive pin badge that is currently missing from your collection.

As well as our original, limited edition, insidethegames pin badge, we have launched here at SportAccord a new limited edition insidethegames at the SportAccord International Convention 2011 pin badge. The first 25 new genuine subscribers to the insidegamescollecting.biz forum will each be sent one of these limited edition insidethegames at the SportAccord International Convention 2011 pin badges.

For more details please contact Sarah Bowron, commercial director, on +44 1908 263387 or email [email protected]