Killy hat-trick at Grenoble 1968 overshadowed by controversy

France’s Jean-Claude Killy won the "Triple Crown" of Alpine skiing at the 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble with a sweep of all three gold medals - the downhill, giant slalom and slalom. But his achievement was not without controversy in an affair that even the International Olympic Committee bills as the "greatest controversy in the history of the Winter Olympics." The slalom run was held in poor visibility and Austrian skier Karl Schranz claimed a course patrolman crossed his path during the slalom race, causing him to stop. Schranz was given a restart and posted the fastest time. A Jury of Appeal then reviewed the television footage, declared that Schranz had missed a gate on the upper part of the first run, annulled his repeat run time, and gave the medal to Killy.