Happy Olympic Day!

Collecting News

Olympic Torch Relay Logo Pins

11301131May 14 - Some of you may have spotted the two Olympic Torch Relay logo pins that have been listed on eBay and appeared at a retailer. These pins will be officially released this week to coincide with the start of the torch relay in the UK.

Pin Traders Pack

By Paul McGill

May 10 - There is a new pin product available at the London 2012 shop at St Pancras - the Pin Trader's Pack. This is a sealed pack which contains 5 pins from a range of 30 designs all for £15.

Flags, Hats and Hearts

May 2 - A new series of pins has been announced today and they all feature the popular Union Flag theme. The first are a set of 3 flag/logo pins pairing the Union Flag with the Olympic Games logo in white and flag colours and also with the Paralympic Game slog in white.

P&G Promotion - Team GB and Team Ireland Pins

April 23 - Thanks to two readers for pointing out a promotion by worldwide sponsor P&G. The company are offering the chance to earn points when you buy their products. These points which can be used to buy Olympics themed rewards. Each £1 you spend earns 4 points and 40 points will get you a pin badge.

Original Faith Pins Available in Limited Numbers

April 18 - The original Faith pins that were thought to have been completely allocated and sold out are now available in very limited numbers at your favourite retailers. We have no word on the numbers that have been released, but there are not many. Contact your preferred retailer as soon as you can to secure your pin!

Final IOC Poster Pins

0745April 4 - For those of you collecting the IOC poster pins, you will be pleased to know that the last 3 are on their way. Pins 741, 744 and 745 showing the posters for 1936 and 1956 will be available soon.