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March 15 - Munich 2018 today unveiled its Two-Park, Two-Village concept that it will use if it chosen to become the first city in the history of the Olympics to host both the Summer and Winter Games.

The concept formed the centre-piece of the German city's Applicant File that it delivered ahead of the today's final deadline to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)'s headquarters in Lausanne.

Officials claim that the document embodies its vision of "The Friendly Games".

With an Ice Park in Munich and a Snow Park in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Munich has concentrated 91 per cent of all events within the two Park-like environments, it claimed.

The plan, which requires the construction of only three new venues and takes full advantage of Munich’s world-class transport infrastructure, is driven by a deep commitment to sustainability through sport. In his introductory message,  they said.

Thomas Bach, the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and chairman of the General Assembly of the Munich 2018 Bid Committee, claimed that the Munich plan presents an "extraordinary story of Olympic sustainability and innovation framed within a vision for the friendly Games - friendly for the athletes, the spectators, sport and the environment".

It was a vision that "offers a clear validation of the IOC’s philosophy of sustainability and friendship through sport."

Willy Bogner, the chief executive of Munich 2018, who delivered the Applicant File to the IOC, said: "We have an incredible advantage at the heart of our plan.

"In Munich Olympic Park, we have a beautiful, mature sports, culture and entertainment environment that has served as treasured destination for the world for more than 40 years.

"The seven venues built in the Park in 1972 are all still active today.

"In fact, they hosted more than 300 events last year.

"That’s an incredible story of Olympic sustainability.

"Through Munich 2018 we see the possibility of transforming the Park into a new centre of Olympic winter - and summer - sport for the next 40 years, creating a unique legacy for the Olympic Movement and winter sport worldwide."

By designing its plans for the 2018 Winter Games on the foundation of the 1972 Olympic Park - combined with the state-of-the-art and new venues in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Königssee Sliding Centre - Munich has also constructed a plan that delivers an unprecedented level of convenience for the athletes, Bogner claimed.

He said: "The athletes will have everything they need for living, training, competing and recreation within a few minutes walk of the Olympic Village."

The Applicant File claims to highlight Munich's strengths, including the "uncompromising commitment of all levels of Government"; Germany’s national passion for winter sport and its history of full stadia; the country’s proven ability to deliver organisational excellence;  clear vision for reaching young people around the world and increasing their participation in winter sport and culture; and the world-class of Munich and Bavaria as a world renown tourist destination with excellent accommodation and service level.

Dr. Angela Merkel (pictured), the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, provided a quote designed to demonstrate the Government's support to Munich 2018.

She said: "Munich’s bid to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is a national priority and is in the interest of Germany, its Federal states and municipalities.

"It will thus continue to enjoy the full support and promotion of the Federal Government."

Germany’s proven ability to organise winter sport and mega events at world-class levels is clearly presented.

The Applicant File said: "Across Germany, the depth of organizing expertise extends to the experience of hosting multiple world championships such as the recent 2009 IAAF 12th Athletic World Championships [in Berlin] and mega-events such as the FIFA World Cup 2006."

The national passion for winter sport is celebrated as well.

The File said: "Year in, year out, few countries can match the passion of the people of Germany that is manifested in TV market share, tickets sales and sell out rates for winter sport across the full spectrum of the Olympic programme.

"As a country that clearly celebrates its traditional winter culture, particularly in Bavaria, Germany will deliver stadia full of knowledgeable, cheering fans for every event and every team."

The quality of venues in the Munich plan is also reinforced by the fact that Garmisch-Partenkirchen is hosting the 2011 FIS World Ski Championships while the 2011 bobsleigh World Championships are being hosted in the famous Sliding Centre at Königssee, the Applicant File points.

Both resorts have undergone multi-million upgrades in preparation and therefore present world-class venues for the Games.

The file also touches on Munich’s concept for reaching young people:

It said; "Building on the success of the FIFA World Cup 2006 as a national and global sports celebration par excellence, Munich has conceived of a plan for the Games that will create greater access for participation and engagement among youth through a celebration of both winter sport and youth culture at world-class levels."

The Applicant File also claims to make a strong case for Munich as a global destination for tourism, sport, culture and business, attracting nearly five million overnight visitors a year to its unique mix of historic and modern architecture, museums, theatre, opera, sports and educational institutions, plus excellent entertainment, shopping and cuisine all delivered with world-class service and friendly hospitality.

The proven appeal of Bavaria is also presented, officials hope, in the Applicant File.

It said: "Bavaria captures 30 per cent of all international visitors to Germany, attracting 27 million visitors a year - 77 million overnight stays - to its Alpine villages and resorts.

"Munich’s popularity is well noted each fall as the international media covers the celebration of Oktoberfest, which attracts six million guests to one of the world’s most popular annual parties."

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