December 25 - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (pictured) today said that Sochi's work to build facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics were progressing ahead of schedule but they must not get complacent.

Putin made his comments during a press conference with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the Deputy Prime Minister with special responsibility for Sochi 2014, and Ministers and other officials involved in the regional development, transportation, interior and natural resources for the Games.

Putin said: "As of December 1 there was no facility being unassembled.

"According to International Olympic Committee experts, who have visited Sochi seven times, this is good.

"They gave a good assessment.

"But we should be more modest and I would give it a 'satisfactory' mark.

"There is still work to do."

Putin also urged efforts to complete the construction of the Sochi seaport on time despite the consequences of a recent powerful storm that swept in off the Black Sea and severely damaged the port.

The storm destroyed a pier and washed away construction equipment and materials in mid-December.

A diving boat used in the construction capsized, but was towed ashore later on.

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