November 30 - A new ski resort that will host the Olympic Park if Pyeongchang wins its bid to host the 2018 Winter Games has been officially opened.


Pyeongchang Alpensia ski resort has seven slopes in total, including a snowboard dedicated one and another snow sledding dedicate one.


It is the tenth ski resort in Gangwon Province and its downhill course slipping down from the top, 700 metres above sea level, where provides the optimal living conditions for human health and bio-rhythms, is an impressive feature, officials claimed today.


Alpensia resort’s total slope length is 5,535m and slope area is 206,000㎡.


A maximum of 3,000 people can accommodated with facilities such as one four-person ski lift and two six-person ski lifts.


It consists of various courses according to relative difficulties designed evenly, for example, a beginner course Alpha, intermediate courses Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, together with an advance course Fox-trot.


Kim Jin-sun, Governor of Gangwon Province who is the co-chairman of Pyeongchang's Olympic bid, said: "Alpensia is fully equipped with international standard facilities and venues for ski jump, biathlon and cross country.


"I will continuously endeavour to increase the facilities through which more and more athletes can improve their athletic skills for development of winter sports."


Byun Tak, the President of Korea Ski Association, said: "Winter sports will be reinvigorated thanks to the excellent facilities of Alpensia."


Pyeongchang, which is bidding for the third consecutive Olympics, is one of three cities hoping to host the 2018 Games.


The others are Annecy and Munich.



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