By Duncan Mackay


October 22 - A successful World Cup in South Africa next year will provide the impetus for the continent to host the Olympics for the first time, the chief executive of next year's tournament has claimed.


Danny Jordaan added his voice to the growing call for the world's biggest to be taken to Africa by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


He said: "The IOC decided to give South America its first Olympics, so the only continent now without an Olympics is the African continent, and therefore I think it's something that the IOC certainly will have to begin to think about."


Durban have already began investigating the possibility of launching a bid for the 2020 Olympics while Jordaan also said he believes that Cairo could stage the Games.


The IOC voted earlier this month to award the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro.


Since the end of apartheid and the first elections with universal suffrage in 1994, South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and soccer's African Cup of Nations the following year, and it co-hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2003.


Next year's World Cup is soccer's first in Africa.

FIFA is projecting record revenue for the 2010 World Cup, with Jordaan claiming partners will generate $3.2 billion (£1.9 billion).

He said: "The argument was that any World Cup on the African continent will lead to huge financial losses.


"Therefore, Africa must wait.


"This event, because of television, is actually without boundaries and without borders.


"And so you can return the value of the investment in New York and Miami and London and Paris, and all over the world.

"If we dismiss the argument for the World Cup, we've dismissed it also for the Olympics."



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