Red_ArrowsSEPTEMBER 2 - THE head of ceremonies for the London Olympics has insisted that the Red Arrows have not been banned from appearing in 2012.

It was reported by The Sun newspaper last September and that event organisers believe the Lincolnshire-based team's military background "might offend other nations".

A protest movement has since been appearing on numerous websites despite insidethegames reporting that the story was not true.

But Martin Green said: "It has become something of an urban myth: the Red Arrows have been banned from the Opening Ceremonies of London 2012.

"As the man responsible for delivering the ceremonies for London 2012, all I can say is: it's news to me.

"We haven't actually started thinking about our ceremonies for 2012 yet; we're far more pre-occupied with the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing this year, where we have eight minute sections in each which mark the handover of the Olympic Flag from Beijing to London.

"So let me put the record straight once and for all: The Red Arrows have not been banned.

"They may feature, they may not.

"It's simply not on our radar yet."