alt THE president of the International Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) has said today that he is hopeful that women will be included on the programme for the 2012 Olympics.


Dr.Ching-kuo Wu said during a visit to the Philipines that the success of the World Championships in New Delhi last November could help persuade the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to allow women to compete in London.


''My ambition is to ensure that amateur boxing is transformed into a classy discipline, one which could be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone," he said.


"'That includes the young, the old and members of the fair sex who we not only see enjoying the sport today, but also take part in boxing with outstanding enthusiasm.

''It was heartening to see India host the World Women's Championships last November in New Delhi with 178 fighters taking part.
''It turned out to be a memorable event in all aspects.
''It was well-organised and what pleased me most was the absence of protests and complaints.
''All participating teams, their officials and many including spectators congratulated Aiba and India for staging such a successful competition.
''It is my hope, with IOC blessings of course to have women's boxing included in the Olympic Games.
''There are 28 sports (sic)  in the Games of the Olympiad and women are missing only in boxing. I hope this void will be filled soon.''