By David Gold

Shrek June_29June 28 - The cast of Shrek The Musical have taken to the streets of London to test out Transport for London's (TFL) alternative transport methods for this summer's Olympic and Paralympics.

TFL have been pushing their Get Ahead of the Games campaign encouraging the public not to use the underground network and routes likely to be affected by the Olympic and Paralympics.

A series of eye catching posters have been placed across the capital in recent months advising commuters to plan alternative transport methods during the Games.

Underlining that point, the actor who plays Shrek cycled around the Theatre Royal where Shrek The Musical is performed.

Princess Fiona, Donkey and other cast members were also on the streets of London to try out alternative cycling or walking routes.

One million extra people per day are expected to use London's transport network, placing a greater strain on a tube and road network already under pressure. 

Shrek and_cast_June_29As many as three million more commuters could take to the capital on the busiest days of the Games, with some stations requiring a reduction of up to 60 per cent usage to cope with demand.

An Olympic route network will be in operation for the Games, reducing commuters' ability to travel by car across the capital, though London 2012 have emphasised that this covers only one per cent of the capital's roads.

TFL also have a website which the public can use to identify the busiest times and places that could cause delays during London 2012.

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