By David Gold

Maria Dmitrienko_28-03-12March 28 - Kazakhstan has made a complaint to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) after Kuwait accidentally used a spoof version of their national anthem from the movie "Borat", during the Arab Shooting Tournament last week.

Maria Dmitrienko (pictured) bit her lip as the spoof anthem was played after she won the 75 metre competition in Kuwait City.

The parody claims that Kazakhstan is the "number one exporter of potassium", as well as being the inventor of "toffee and [the] trouser belt".

Those were among the less crude lines.

The video has since been viewed across the world to the embarrassment of officials at the championships, who then played the correct anthem.

Officials apologised for the error but Kazakhstan has previously been offended by the spoof and, in 2006, banned the film, which was written, produced by, and stars the English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role of a fictitious Kazakh journalist traveling through the United States, recording real-life interactions with Americans.

Borat poster_2
Taglat Yermegiayev, the head of a section of the Kazakh Sports Ministry, has confirmed that they have complained to the OCA which is based in Kuwait.

"The responsibility for the incident lies with the organising committee of the country where the competition took place," Yermegiayev said.

"In conducting an event of this level, the committee must obtain the official anthem, and that anthem must be played.

"We have sent a complaint via the Foreign Ministry."

Kazakhstan is particularly angry as they were warned last year to ensure organisers of tournaments had the correct version of the anthem following a weightlifting tournament in Paris where the old Soviet tune was played.

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