Joeseph K_Gross_AllianzAllianz has committed itself to fostering public awareness and generating greater public interest in Paralympic sport.

Through a successful partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS), Allianz SE has been dedicated to the Paralympic Movement since 2006.

After five years as Gold Patron of the IPC, Allianz SE became the first International Partner of the IPC in 2011 and is now also a National Supporter of nine National Paralympic Committees on a local level (Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland and Turkey).

Allianz wants to bring the Paralympic Movement forward and focus strongly on the motivation and strength of the Paralympic athletes.

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The emotional motto of Allianz' Paralympic partnership "Believe in Yourself" encourages everyone to identify with the inspiring achievements of Paralympic athletes and to find the motivation to move on and the strength to move up in life. Allianz sees the Paralympic athletes as role models for true motivation.

The topics of health, rehabilitation and reintegration after a casualty are part of Allianz' daily business because 650 million people worldwide are living with a disability and one in four Europeans has a family member with a disability. Extending that to people around you, disability is definitely a topic that concerns all of us.

As part of its Paralympic partnership, Allianz actively promotes the Paralympic Movement and aims to reduce social reservations towards disability and sports.

As a consequence, Allianz facilitates a variety of information and organises events where the public as well as the media can learn more about the fascination of Paralympic Sport and the amazing achievements of Paralympic athletes in the lead up to the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Joseph K Gross is global head of group market management at Allianz