A new set of pins was announced today. The Crowns set comprises of 7 pins in a frame which show Royal Crowns 'through the years'.

The pins show the following crowns:

1066 - Harold II
1216 - Henry III
1461 - Edward IV
1625 - Charles I
1661 - St Edward's Crown (Charles II)
1820 - The State Diadem (George IV)
1837 - Imperial State Crown (Victoria)

Each crown has jewels attached.

The set is priced at £50 and is limited to 5,000 pieces. Pin numbers are 469-475 and availability is from Monday 4th April. I do not believe these pins will be available individually.

Glamorous Living are already taking orders http://www.glamorousliving.co.uk/crowns.html

This set has been released in time for the forthcoming Royal Wedding at the end of April.