Ryan Garcia, a rebel in trouble. GETTY IMAGES

The American boxer is one of the most talented fighters to emerge in recent years. He has been arrested for vandalism, tested positive for banned substances, consumed alcohol in public and even had a controversial weigh-in.  "It's been three days of hell," he said on his social media.

Ryan Garcia took to his X account to share his feelings about his arrest last Saturday, the latest incident he's been involved in. Garcia is alleged to have committed acts of vandalism at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was arrested and taken to jail. He described the experience as "three days of hell."

"I want to thank everyone for the prayers and everyone who sends good energy. I have stayed strong, there will be many more battles ahead. However, we have learnt a lot from this and I have learnt a lot from it," Garcia wrote. While the boxer admits he has learned, his life remains a rollercoaster.

His comments on social media also suggest a process of improvement. He also recognises the potential impact his example can have on young people. He said, "I will always be myself and go after evil, but I will become a better example. Praise the Lord Jesus," he added.

Garcia is a ticking time bomb. The boxer has climbed the ranks from super featherweight to lightweight, delivering spectacular performances in the ring. Unfortunately, his glory pales in comparison to his notoriety outside the ring.

Five days ago, he was arrested for vandalism after destroying much of the furniture at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills, near where Julia Roberts' character stayed in Pretty Woman. The world was left stunned.

Similarly, the world was stunned to learn that Garcia lost his temper and caused around €15,000 worth of damage, according to local media. Authorities said it was the driver who took Garcia to the hotel who called after seeing what could happen. He himself claimed on social media that he was innocent, but he still ended up in jail in Beverly Hills.

The incident made headlines around the world as he was treated by medical staff. Instead of keeping quiet or apologising, his unruly nature has left his inner circle completely baffled. Garcia is capable of beating world champions in the ring, but he can also cause trouble with his social media posts, which are sometimes more explosive than his punches.

Ryan Garcia in his last fight, when he knocked Haney down. GETTY IMAGES
Ryan Garcia in his last fight, when he knocked Haney down. GETTY IMAGES

He has also tested positive for banned substances such as Ostarine, a product used to build muscle mass and enhance performance. He has always denied it. And from a positive test to behaviour that is still hard to believe. Like when he confessed to drinking and smoking marijuana incessantly in the days leading up to his fight with lightweight champion Kevin Haney."And I came in flying and kicked his ass. It was a walk in the park. I had tougher fights in sparring," he said.

Several reports have also accused Garcia of taking supplements containing traces of Ostarine, another banned substance.
These traces were found in tests carried out the day before and on the day of the fight, according to reputable media sources such as ESPN. However, his antics go further than that.

Those still rubbing their eyes in disbelief are those who saw him simulate drinking beer on a scale at a weigh-in for another fight with Haney last month. It ended badly. He didn't make weight, so the title was off the table. The two boxers agreed to fight without the belt on the line. 

Garcia beat Haney and celebrated with more alcohol and marijuana. Garcia promised to pay $500,000 for every pound he was over the weight limit. He was three pounds over. It's not known if Haney has the one and a half million dollars in his account.