Adam Siao Him Fa performs a banned backflip at the 2024 European Championships. DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images

The International Skating Union (ISU) is holding its 59th Ordinary Congress in Las Vegas from 10-14 June. Among the proposals up for discussion is that "somersault type jumps" be removed from the list of illegal elements in figure skating.

More than 350 participants including ISU members, office holders and staff will gather in Las Vegas to take part in five days of meetings, presentations and debates. Drawing upon the "ISU Vision 2030", this Congress will deliberate over the future strategic direction of the ISU and the development of ice-skating disciplines.

There are also a number of proposals within disciplines to be debated including whether to overturn the ban on somersault type jumps in figure skating. The reasoning given for the potential change is that the moves are "very spectacular and nowadays it is not logical anymore to include them as illegal movements".

Surya Bonaly, a three-time world silver medallist in the 1990s, had a backflip in her repertoire but the move had been outlawed in 1976 amid claims that it was both too dangerous and overly flashy.

The Frenchwoman, who was controversially denied gold at the 1994 World Championships, famously performed her signature move - knowing she would be penalised - when out of contention in her competitive swansong at the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics.

Another French skater, Adam Siao Him Fa, did a backflip in his free skate at this year's European Championships in Kaunas, Lithuania having already done enough to retain his title.

Among the other proposals in singles figure skating are a reduction in the amount of free skate jumping elements from seven to six, and "to limit the number of repetitions to a maximum of three times, of the same type of jumps" also in the free skate.

In pairs figure skating, somersault type jumps being permitted is also being discussed as well as the removal of the choreographic sequence, and the replacement of one of the required lifts with a choreographic lift. Ice dance proposals centre around redefining the duration of a lift to "a minimum requirement of three seconds".

For short track speed skating, the ISU Short Track World Tour is set to be announced, "bringing together the six World Cup Series events" and combining it with "a new highly dynamic and entertainment-oriented show production, creating compelling new propositions for partners and sponsors".

Other short track proposals include mandating the use of eyewear protection "in all ISU events, Olympic Winter Games and Youth Winter Olympic Games", and the establishment of the World Team Championships as well as an overall title at the World Championships.

In speed skating, the biggest change could see the reintroduction of the two-race total-time format in the 500m at the Winter Olympics. Until PyeongChang 2018, athletes would race twice - once in the inside lane, once on the outside - with their cumulative times deciding the medals. At the last two Games, the skaters have just raced once.

The mixed relay - which is part of World Cup and Junior World Cup events - is being proposed for addition to the ISU World Speed Skating Championships. Yellow card sanctions for racing violations, unsporting conduct or unsafe or harmful behaviour - like in short track - are also being considered.

More general recommendations concern the upgrading of TV broadcast presentation, branding and communication, digital promotion and engagement, sustainable growth and safeguarding the mental and physical well-being of skaters.

ISU President Jae Youl Kim says, "This 59th Congress represents a landmark event for the ISU and the wider sports community. We are excited to collectively shape the future of ice-skating disciplines by incorporating greater entertainment, innovation, inclusivity and sustainability.  It is our mission to embrace new initiatives while safeguarding our proud traditions to remain relevant for the current audiences and appeal to young generations of skaters and fans."

The 59th ISU Congress will be streamed live on the Skating ISU YouTube channel.