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Indianapolis police revealed they have initiated an investigation into an altercation involving NBA star Patrick Beverley and a civilian at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Wednesday.

This incident occurred during the closing moments of a game where Bucks guard Beverley hurled a ball at a spectator, marking the end of their season with a loss to the Pacers. In a news release, the police stated that the case has been passed on to detectives for further investigation.

At the conclusion of the investigation, detectives will present the case to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, as mentioned in the release. Footage captured Beverley seated on the bench and throwing a ball into the stands, striking a fan in the head approximately two and a half minutes before the conclusion of the game on 2 May. 

Following this, another spectator threw the ball back to Beverley, who extended his arm to retrieve it. Subsequently, the Bucks guard threw the ball back at that particular fan. Beverley addressed his conduct during an episode of The Pat Bev Podcast, which premiered on Wednesday. 

He mentioned being subjected to a derogatory term that he had never encountered before but acknowledged that his own behavior remained "unacceptable." Beverley also commented that, overall, the atmosphere in Indiana was positive, except for "a few fans" who overstepped boundaries.

NBA star Beverley was involved in a ball-throwing altercation with a fan. GETTY IMAGES
NBA star Beverley was involved in a ball-throwing altercation with a fan. GETTY IMAGES

The Pacers secured a 120-98 victory over the Bucks, resulting in Milwaukee's elimination from the playoffs. Following the game, Beverley declined to entertain a question from ESPN journalist Malinda Adams during a group interview in the dressing room. 

He attributed his decision to her lack of subscription to his podcast. Beverley instructed her to remove her microphone from his vicinity and subsequently requested her to exit the interview circle. 

During his podcast on Wednesday, Beverley mentioned that he had made similar requests to reporters interviewing him ever since he started his podcast. He clarified to Adams that his intention was never to show disrespect.

The day following the defeat, Bucks coach Doc Rivers remarked that Beverley's conduct was not in line with the values associated with Milwaukee.