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LeBron James chose not to discuss his NBA future on Monday following the Los Angeles Lakers' playoff loss to the Denver Nuggets.

The 39-year-old NBA veteran once again delivered an outstanding performance that defied his age, tallying 30 points, 11 assists, and nine rebounds. However, despite his impressive efforts, the Lakers couldn't avoid a heartbreaking 108-106 defeat, as Denver sealed a 4-1 series triumph, dashing James' aspirations of securing a fifth NBA championship ring as his career nears its conclusion.

One year ago, following the Lakers' 4-0 sweep by Denver in the Western Conference finals, James fuelled speculation about his retirement. He confirmed to reporters that he was contemplating stepping away from the sport. In Denver on Monday, inquiries regarding James' future took center stage during the post-game press conference following the conclusion of his illustrious 21st season.

When questioned whether Monday's loss could mark his last game in a Lakers' shirt, James grinned before responding: "I'm not going to answer that." James, who has one year remaining on his existing Lakers contract but is rumoured to have an opt-out clause allowing him to explore other teams, stated that he hasn't deeply contemplated his future plans.

"I just want to get home to the family honestly," James said. "I'll start looking at the schedule. One of my boys is just trying to decide if he's going to enter the Draft or go back to school, I've got another kid playing ball, my daughter's playing volleyball. And my wife is doing so many great things. So it's about family right now.

Basketball star James was questioned over his Lakers' future. GETTY IMAGES
Basketball star James was questioned over his Lakers' future. GETTY IMAGES

"And then in a couple of months I gotta go to Vegas for (Olympics) training camp. So I'm gonna rest my body for USA Basketball. That's kind of the initial thoughts." James has previously mentioned the possibility of extending his NBA career to coincide with his eldest son, Bronny James, if he decides to pursue a career in the league.

"Obviously I've thought about it in the past but at the end of the day the kid has to do what he wants to do... he will decide what he wants to do and how he wants his career to go." Meanwhile, Lakers defensive standout Anthony Davis stated that he had no insight into James' plans for the upcoming season.

"He's been in this position numerous times in his career where he had to make a decision, for himself and his family," Davis said. "I'll be right there supporting him whatever he decides to do. I don't know but I'm pretty sure he'll come and talk to me and tell me what's going on before it becomes public.

"Obviously it's been a great five seasons. If he does decide to come back, this is not where we want to be, over in the first round. We want to be a championship contender."