On Thursday, 25 April, the Hungarian University Sports Federation (HUSF or MEFS in Hungarian) held its General Assembly in the Athens Hall of the Hungarian University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, in Budapest.

The General Assembly was opened with a warm welcome by the HUSF Secretary General, Peter Juhasz, who greeted all the present and gave some starting points. This was followed by the opening speech of Lajos Mocsai, President of HUSF, who presented the achievements of the Federation during the last four years. He emphasised that he took over the presidency at a particularly difficult time, in the midst of a pandemic. However, the university sport community responded to the challenges as a true community, saw the opportunities and reorganised itself in a  very successful way. 

Mocsai also mentioned the importance of the upcoming biggest university and multi-sport event in Hungary's history, the European Universities Games 2024 in Debrecen and Miskolc, which they hope will raise the national and international perception of university sport to an even higher level. Gyorgy Kovacs, Deputy Secretary General of HUSF, presented the professional report of 2023, whose main task is to prepare for the European University Games in Hungary in 2024. He gave a detailed report and figures about the success of the Federation in the past period. 

Besides the financial report, the professional programme and the presentation of the new members, an important point of this meeting was the election of the officers of the Federation for the next period 2024-2028. 

Some of the authorities present at the HUSF (MEFS) General Assembly. EUSA
Some of the authorities present at the HUSF (MEFS) General Assembly. EUSA

Lajos Mocsai was re-elected as president and will continue to lead the Hungarian University Sports Federation. He presented the programme for the next four years, with a focus on international sports diplomacy and bringing as many international university competitions to the country as possible. The HUSF's plans include the launch of a long-term sports career programme and the establishment of a university sports scholarship. 

In line with this, the double/triple career working group of the MEFS began its work on 18 April with the aim of developing a sustainable model for sport, learning and maintaining a healthy balance between the three. 

The MEFS board was elected for the next four years, including: Bács Zoltán, Gál András Levente and Merkely Béla as Vice-Presidents; Ács Pongrác, Freyer Tamás, Rakaczki Zoltán, Vladár Csaba, Zelenák Dávid and Daniel Molnar as Board Members; Pavlik Lívia as Chairman of the Supervisory Board; and Somogyi Ádám Tibor and Daniel Jordan as Supervisory Board members. At the MEFS General Assembly, the awards established by the MEFS were traditionally presented to individuals in recognition of their outstanding work for university sport.