World_Curling_Federation_Dec_16December 19 - Sweden and Canada remain top of the world rankings following the Gruyère European Curling Championships in Switzerland last week – but the gap is narrowing.

Canada has a healthy lead over Norway in the men's table, but Sweden is now just 15 points ahead of the Canadian women.

Taking into account World Curling Federation (WCF) member association finishes at the recent Pacific Curling Championships in Uiseong, South Korea, and the Europeans, there are several changes in the middle and lower end of the table.

The Czech Republic's seventh place finish in the men's A Group event in Champéry and qualification for the 2011 Men's World Championship means they move up two positions from 15th to 13th place.

In winning the silver medal in the men's event at the Pacifics and a place at the worlds, Korea moves up four spots from 20th to 16th.

In the women's rankings, Latvia moves up one rank to 17th place after they played in the European A Group for the first time ever.

The Latvian men, who won the B Group European event, climb up three places from 24th to 21st.

Turkey, who became a WCF member association in 2009, has shot up five places to 31st in the women's rankings after qualifying out of the European C Group and playing in the European B Group in the space of this season.

Slovakia has jumped up from 30th to 27th place in the men's rankings for the same reason.

Scotland are ranked third in the men and sixth in the women's rankings.

The WCF World Rankings were developed by 1998 Olympic champion Patrick Hürlimann who is currently vice-president of the WCF.

Points are assigned for top-level placements at the Pacific, European and World Championships and also the Olympic Winter Games.

Lower point values are assigned for events dating back as far as six curling seasons.

The full updated rankings can be seen here.

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