More than 9,000 tickets for Budapest 2023 have been offered to schools ©Budapest 2023

More than 9,000 schoolchildren have been given the opportunity to watch the Budapest 2023 World Athletics Championships live as a result of the Schoolhero programme.

The programme is the largest athletics education initiative in Hungary and has seen students from more than 400 schools participate.

It made athletics the primary focus of physical education lessons for seven weeks and as a result, they were rewarded with the chance to attend the World Championships which are scheduled for August 19 to 27.

"The upcoming World Athletics Championships presents a remarkable opportunity for the country," said Ádám Schmidt, State Secretary for Sport and Government Commissioner for the World Athletics Championships.

"With an estimated viewership of one billion people, the Championships will showcase the captivating beauty of Budapest, bolster tourism, and further enhance Hungary's global reputation.

"Additionally, the Championships aim to promote sports engagement among tens of thousands of Hungarians, both young and old, fostering an interest in athletics and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

"This objective has already been partially accomplished through the successful implementation of the Schoolhero programme."

The Schoolhero programme saw more than 400 schools participate ©Budapest 2023
The Schoolhero programme saw more than 400 schools participate ©Budapest 2023

To acknowledge the support from the participating schools, the Championships' organisers are providing 23 complimentary tickets per school for the opening day. 

Furthermore, any school in the country has the opportunity to apply for a 50 per cent discount on admission.

"Under the motto 'Witness the wonder!', we anticipate witnessing not only the incredible feats of the athletes but also the outstanding achievements of the school athletics programme," said Balázs Németh, chief executive of Budapest 2023 Nonprofit Zrt.

"The overwhelming response from numerous schools exceeded our expectations, and we extend our gratitude to the dedicated teachers for their support.

"Our ultimate aspiration is to accommodate all individuals who wish to attend the event, which is why we are committed to organising an affordable and accessible World Championships.

"Furthermore, we have prepared several surprises for the much-anticipated kick-off in August."