Dmitry Filatov has produced the music for the International University Sports Festival ©Yekaterinburg 2023

The official soundtrack for this year’s International University Sports Festival has been created by Russian conductor Dmitry Filatov.

Filatov revealed that he been working on the composition of the music for two months before settling on his third version for the event, scheduled to be held in Russian city Yekaterinburg later this year.

The melody was written by the Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra conductor in cooperation with the Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic.

It is set to be played at all official events taking place as part of the International University Sports Festival.

Filatov said he wanted the composition to have a "youthful spirit" and "charge of energy and drive".

"I was approached by the organisers of the International University Sports Festival with a proposal to make a composition for the opening of the competition," said Filatov.

"It was an interesting proposal.

"It is not often possible to participate in such events.

"Within two months, I made several options.

"We stopped at the third one – it will sound at the festival.

"Yekaterinburg on Sports" has been chosen as the official slogan for the International University Sports Festival ©Yekaterinburg 2023

"The composition consists of three small parts.

"In the finale, I tried to convey the spirit of [Russian composer] Georgy Sviridov and the suite 'Time, Forward!'.

"Since the music of the festival has been written without words, I wanted it to be recognisable, so listeners felt that this was music striving forward, to new victories, to new heights."

The release of the music comes in the same week organisers revealed "Yekaterinburg on Sports" as the official slogan for the event following a public vote.

"The slogan of the festival is important, so everyone had to express their opinion,” said Alexander Chernov, director of the festival.

"We made a choice together.

"I think that the slogan reflects the character of Yekaterinburg.

"This is city that really lives for sports."

Yekaterinburg was due to hold the Summer World University Games this year, but its hosting rights were suspended in April 2022 following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Instead, the country has decided to hold the International University Sports Festival, due to be held between August 19 and 31.

More than 30 countries from Latin America, Africa and Asia are expected to compete in the event.