Novak Djokovic wrote his message about Kosovo after his first round match at the French Open ©Getty Images

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) have said that they will take no action against Novak Djokovic for writing a message at the French Open following violence in Kosovo.

Djokovic wrote the words "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, stop the violence" on a camera lens as he left the court after his straight sets win over Aleksandr Kovacevic in the first round and later elaborated on the gesture at the media conference.

"The French Tennis Federation will not be making any statement or taking any stance on this matter," the FFT told Reuters.

"There are no Grand Slam rules on what a player can and cannot say."

Djokovic later spoke in Serbian at a media conference.

"I hear there was a lot of criticism on social media, I don't know if someone will punish me or something like that, but I would do it again," Djokovic said. 

"I am against wars and conflicts of any kind.

"I am not a politician, nor do I intend to enter into debates.

"As a Serb, it hurts me what is happening in Kosovo, our people have been expelled from the municipalities.

"This is the least I could do, as a public figure, I feel an obligation to show support for our people and all of Serbia."

The Serbian Government has withheld recognition from Kosovo since it was declared independent in 2008. 

"Kosovo is our hearth, stronghold, centre of the most important events for our country," Djokovic continued.

"The biggest battle happened there, the most important monasteries are there, there are many reasons why I wrote it on the camera."

Earlier this year, Djokovic had became embroiled in controversy at the Australian Open after his father Srdjan had been shown on a video with supporters holding Russian flags.

His father later said that he had been "unwittingly" caught up in the demonstration but stayed away from subsequent matches in the tournament.

Djokovic later defended his father and went on to win the men's singles.

Violence in Kosovo this week prompted Novak Djokovic to write his message at the French Open ©Getty Images
Violence in Kosovo this week prompted Novak Djokovic to write his message at the French Open ©Getty Images

This week, clashes had erupted in Northern Kosovo following the election of ethnic Albanians as the Mayors of the communes of Zvecan, Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Mitrovica, areas with large ethnic Serb populations.

The NATO led Kosovo Force (KFOR) which is responsible for peacekeeping said that 25 members of its forces had been injured in the violence in the last few days.

"NATO strongly condemns the unprovoked attacks against KFOR troops in northern Kosovo, which have led to a number of them being injured," a NATO statement said.

"Such attacks are totally unacceptable, violence must stop immediately. 

"We call on all sides to refrain from actions that further inflame tensions, and to engage in dialogue."

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic claimed that 52 Serbs had been injured in the clashes.

He has put the Serbian army on full combat alert.

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani has accused the Serbian leader of trying to destabilise her country.