Hungary's Olympic bronze medallist Tamás Kenderes is under investigation over a possible breach in anti-doping rules ©Getty Images

Hungarian Olympic medallist Tamás Kenderesi is facing allegations of a doping violation, while fellow swimmer Joanna Evans of The Bahamas is appealing a two-year ban over a positive drugs test.

Kenderesi, winner of an Olympic bronze medal in the men’s 200 metres butterfly at Rio 2016, is suspected of a possible breach in anti-doping rules following the analysis of data in his biological passport.

The 26-year-old was scheduled to compete in last week’s Hungarian National Championships only to pull out in the wake of the investigation.

According to, the Hungarian Anti-Doping Group is set to make a decision on the case after three independent foreign analytical experts reviewed blood samples taken from Kenderesi.

 Joanna Evans of the Bahamas has been banned for two years following a positive drugs test ©Getty Images
Joanna Evans of the Bahamas has been banned for two years following a positive drugs test ©Getty Images

Speaking to SzPressz News Services, Kenderesi claimed that a blood donation taken on April 26 last year was "mistakenly documented as a blood transfusion which became the trigger for the proceedings against me".

"I clearly stated on the doping control sheet that I had donated 450 millilitre of blood the previous day [blood loss]," said Kenderesi.

"However, when the blood sample was processed, the Hematologica data sheet did not record a blood donation, but rather a transfusion by mistake, which also erroneously affected my biological passport.

"Based on this, WADA's [World Anti-Doping Agency] Austrian expert initiated an investigation in which some of the previously unobjectionable blood samples (mainly in 2017, i.e. some of my results, which were already taken and rigorously checked five years earlier) were later classified as objectionable and abnormal without re-analysis.

"Of the 11 blood samples taken in 2017, three were classified as invalid, I don't know for what reason.

"Another three were transported to foreign laboratories in serious violation of cooling regulations, even in the 39-degree summer heat.

"In addition, a sample was taken during training, ignoring the requirements of the relevant regulations."

Kenderesi promised that he would use "all legal options" available to prove that the doping charges were based on a "false assumption".

"I have never used a prohibited substance or a prohibited method," he said.

"I have never committed a doping violation.

"That’s why I will fight for the truth, my honour and my family and together with all this, my innocence."

The revelations of the allegations facing Kenderesi came on the same day World Aquatics announced that Evans had been suspended for two years following a doping violation.

Evans, who represented the Bahamas at Tokyo 2020, has tested positive for a banned substance Clostebol.

It was discovered from a out-of-competition test conducted in December 2021 that Evans had used the cream Trodermin which contained Clostebol, a form of testosterone that is on WADA’s banned list.

The Aquatics’ Integrity Unit has retroactively suspended Evans from February 14 in 2022, meaning she will be unable to compete until the same date in 2024.

Evans denies any wrongdoing, claiming she used the cream unaware that it contained Clostebol to treat a cut on her finger during a International Swimming League contest in Naples in Italy.

The 25-year-old said she was "broken" by the suspension and has lodged an appeal which is expected to be heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

"I find it incredulous that a minuscule amount of a banned substance applied unknowingly through a topical cream can have such life altering consequences," said Evans.

"I hired a specialist attorney in this field to represent me in the legal proceedings to defend my integrity and the reputation of Bahamas swimming.

"I wholeheartedly acknowledge the efficiency and reliability with which these anti doping tests are carried out to eliminate unfair practices and cheats from sports, but I am not one of them."