Cricket Canada has partnered with WEIC Sports United to launch the Boundaries North initiative ©Cricket Canada

Cricket Canada has partnered with sports investment group WEIC Sports United to launch the Boundaries North initiative aiming to help grow the sport in the country.

WEIC Sports United, which seeks to invest in women's, emerging, inclusive and community sports, is set to lead the initiative.

Sports business executive Rahul Srinivasan has been named as chief executive of Boundaries North.

Boundaries North aims to establish a "healthy and economically prosperous sporting ecosystem for cricket across the country" with the long-term goal of increasing participation in cricket for men and women.

It expects cricket participation in Canada to increase by more than 500,000 by 2033.

Boundaries North is immediately targeting success and commercial opportunities for Canada's men's and women's national teams, and developing new amateur programmes at provincial and community levels.

Cricket Canada President Rashpal Bajwa welcomed its launch.

"Cricket in Canada is about to see an inflection point," he claimed.

"Boundaries North is the culmination of 18 months of partnership building and collaboration with cricket communities, investors and commercial stakeholders.

"Our men's national team has just regained their ODI [one-day international] status and we are actively looking at initiatives to continue the growth of our women's programmes.

"Cricket Canada’s goal is to create a pathway for the best players in the country, and for the next generation of athletes to see cricket as a true career opportunity."

Canada has not played at a men's Cricket World Cup since 2011 ©Getty Images
Canada has not played at a men's Cricket World Cup since 2011 ©Getty Images

Srinivasan added: "This is a critical time in Canadian cricket, and it has always been a matter of 'when' and not 'if' the sport in Canada could take off to reach new heights both domestically and in global competitions.

"Cricket in Canada has a number of really strong tailwinds - beginning with the overwhelming passion for the sport in communities across the country.

"Now, the time is right for all stakeholders to collectively identify and execute against the strategies needed for cricket to achieve its potential as a marquee Canadian sport.

"Boundaries North will learn from cricket supporters in Canada, invest strategically in impactful initiatives and work diligently towards our 'north star' goal of growing the sport for all Canadians."

Canada has not played in a men's Cricket World Cup since 2011 and has never qualified for a Women's World Cup.

Cricket is among the sports shortlisted for an additional place at the Olympic Games at Los Angeles 2028.