Gintarė Venčkauskaitė and Titas Puronas combined for mixed relay gold today in Cairo ©UIPM

Gintarė Venčkauskaitė and Titas Puronas took mixed relay gold in the Pentathlon World Cup as the competition came to a close in Cairo.

A thrilling finish saw the Lithuanian pair pull back a 25-second deficit in the laser run to top the standings on 1,373 points, after the four-discipline event including fencing, swimming, and riding.

"Our fencing wasn't so strong so we had to run fast," said Puronas.

"It's our favourite discipline so we did our best!"

Venčkauskaitė added: "I came into this competition after a one and a half-year [absence] and I'm really happy that I could compete."

Mexico's Mariana Arceo and Manuel Padilla looked to be in danger of missing out on the podium but an incredible sprint finish from the latter earned the duo a silver medal on 1,364 overall.

South Korea's team of Jang Hae-un and Kim Soeng-jin took bronze with 1,361 as they established a narrow three-point gap over Egypt's Mohanad Shaban and Haydy Morsy.

"The mixed relay is always a very special highlight way to end a World Cup," said International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) President Klaus Schormann.

"More younger athletes were involved against some more experienced, world-class teams and I think it's so good to see more athletes having that possibility: to come together and learn and perform with the highest level of athletes.

"It really was a mixed relay in that sense.

"It was such an exciting moment at the end in the laser run.

"I said to my Korean colleagues that if the Korean athletes had been stronger runners they would easily win but in our sport you have to be strong at every aspect of the competition.

"We had a very good finish and the mixed relay remains a highlight in our movement."

The World Cup is set to return in Turkish capital Ankara with the event scheduled to take place from April 11 to 16.