Now until the future has been released to mark 200 days to the Asian Games ©Hangzhou 2022

Hangzhou 2022 organisers have launched a promotional song called Now until the Future as the countdown passes 200 days until the Opening Ceremony of this year's Asian Games.

"The song manifests the voice of China and a spirit of unity at this sports event," Hangzhou 2022 claimed.

Composed by Xu Lin with lyrics by Chen Lingzi, the song includes the lines: "Hand in hand, heart to heart, embracing life with delight.

"Around the world we give it our all, we believe we shout, more power, more emotion!"

Organisers said 100 athletes and performers took part in the recording which ends with the line: "From now until the future, go beyond the limit once more and bring the dream alive".

There was a cameo appearance from singer Wei Wei, who performed her hit, Asian Mighty Winds, as one of the theme songs for the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing, the first to be held in China.

Organisers said Now until the Future had been chosen after a global competition to find music for the Games.

In December another song, The Most Beautiful Scenery, was released to promote the culture of the host city.

It was made available free to China Mobile customers by an arrangement with Hangzhou 2022.

China Mobile is one of the prestige partners of the Games.

At the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the theme song Together for a Shared Future was heard at every venue.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games were postponed by a year because of COVID-19, and are now scheduled to open on September 23.