The earthquake which struck Turkey and Syria has claimed thousands of lives ©Getty Images

Footage has emerged which seems to show a brawl between footballers from Ukraine and Russia at a hotel on the Turkish coast, where they were staying in the days after the earthquake.

Players from Shinnik Yaroslavl in Russia and Ukrainian team FC Minaj were both staying in the Royal Seginus hotel in Antalya for training camps.

FC Minaj claimed they had stipulated that Russian teams should not be permitted to use the hotel but insisted they were overruled by hotel management.

Reports indicated that the brawl began after an incident with a hotel worker.

The FC Minaj player initially involved has been identified on social media as striker Danylo Kolesnyk, who is said to have reprimanded a Russian player for his rudeness to a female hotel cleaner.

Team mates of the players on both sides are said to have joined in and footage of the confrontation later appeared on the Ukrainian channel Bombardyr.

"The cause of the fight was the disgraceful behaviour of the football players of the Russian team towards the hotel employees and provocative shouts towards the players of Minaj," FC Minaj claimed in a statement.

"Those who tried to stop the fight were accused of supporting Ukraine.

"After the end of the skirmish fighting continued amongst the Russians themselves." 

A brief video interview with Shinnik defender Artem Semeykin later appeared showing the player with a bandage on his face.

"I heard someone say 'Glory to Ukraine! The response was "Glory to Russia", that's it, it went off," Semeykin said in Russian.

Official Russian state media claimed that four of the Shinnik players had sustained broken bones in the fight.

There were additional claims that a Russian player had been beaten up in a hotel lift.

A spokesman for the Russian consulate suggested that the fight had broken out because of "inappropriate behaviour by the Ukrainians".

Police were called and the Russian team was asked to leave the hotel, although it is understood that no arrests were made.

FC Minaj representatives dismissed accusations that the Russian players had been forced to sing the Ukrainian national anthem as "traditional delusions".

The Ukrainian club later announced that they had continued their training at the resort.